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Product Categories

DC Charger

Smart Mini DC Charger 30KW

● Input Rated Voltage:400V
● Input Rated current: 45A
● Frequency:50/60HZ
● Output Power:30 KW
● Output Rated Voltage:150V~1000V DC
● Output MAX. current:75A
● Charge Connector: CCS2
● Communication:OCPP1.6 Json
                               (OCPP2.0 upgraded)

DC Charge 60KW/120KW

AC DC Integration
●One charger with multiple outputs, simultaneously charging
●AC connector: Type 2, with output up to 22kW
●DC connectors: CCS2 and CHAdeMO, with output up to 60Kw/120KW
●Constant power from 200 ~1000V voltage, less heat with smaller current

●App operation RFID authentication / Plug Play
●High protection grade as IP54, with IP65 optional
●Optional POS terminal for contactless credit card Payment

●Ethernet /4G/ WiFi communication all supported
●OCPP communication protocol with CMS
●Intelligent operation by App and cashless payment

Secure and Safe
●Type A RCD for residual current protection
●MID certified AC meter
●prepared for advanced feature of Plug Charge

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