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Supplier Audit – 2nd Party Audit

Quality Management System(QMS), Process/Control Plan & Product Audits
Factory Inspections

QMS Audit

● Focuses on the development, documentation and implementation of the organization-wide QMS to determine its compliance with corporate policies, contractual obligations and regulatory requirements.

● Covers the supplier’s general QMS, production processes & products

● Includes full documentation and on-site audits

● Follows with consulting, coaching, monitoring & verification for nonconformities (NC) corrections & continuous improvements.

Product Audit

● Focuses on specific products the client is purchasing

Process Audit

● Focuses on specific processes designed for the Client’s products

● Typically based on factory’s Control Plan, so also called Control Plan Audit

Factory Inspection

● Simplified Supplier Audit to provide an efficient and cost-effective tool for international buyers to assess a factory’s basic capability in supplying quality goods so the buyers can make sound purchasing decisions.

Factory Inspection vs. Audit:

Factory inspection is different from a standard factory audit which is a comprehensive assessment of the factory’s overall quality management system based on the complete terms of the ISO9001 or IATF16949 standards.

Supplier Audit

Recommended Audit Types & Cycles:

PROCESS_1 = Process Audit relating to products covered by the factory’s certification
PROCESS_2 = Process Audit relating to products the client is purchasing
PRODUCT = Product Audit that focuses on products the client is purchasing

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