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SP18_V1.0, July 6th, 2023

Air Springs Specifically Optimized to Support 15% More Bearing Capacity

One of the most serious failure modes of air spring is burst due to overloading.

Shentou has been focusing on this specific risk and successfully made critical improvements of the Air Spring design and production.

Our Air Springs are lighter than the original design yet can support 15% more bearing capacity with longer durability.

Providing Better Burst-Safety with Overloading for Trucks, Trailers & Other Heavy-duty Vehicles

● Products include Chassis Air Spring and Cabin & Set Air Spring.

● Widest range of over 2,000 part numbers, approx. 60% for European, 35% for American and 5% for Japanese and Korea applications

Our samples meet the same standard of GOODYEAR.

How we did it?

Upgraded Product Design

  • The upper plate is 15% thicker than the OEM design;
  • The piston assembly at the bottom is now 15% stronger than the original design, and the fatigue resistance exceeds 5 million usages.

Production Processes

  • The advanced vulcanization process uses high pressure nitrogen.
  • Different vulcanization temperatures applied at different points of the product substantially increase the product life and durability.

Premium Raw Materials

  • Rubbers from Malaysia are used for all air springs.
  • Nylon 66 is used for all critical materials of the product

Better Production Equipment

  • For the rubber sheeting process, advanced equipment is used to ensure the rubber’s airtightness.
  • For the roll forming process, fully-automatic equipment is used to guarantee product consistence.

Our factory:

● Annual production capacity: 5 million sets of air springs.
● IAFT16949 and ISO14001 certified.
● In-house mold, injection & metal stamping workshops guaranteeing the best quality consistence, cost control and delivery schedule.
● In-house physics & chemistry laboratory capable of testing full product performance.

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