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Intake & Exhaust System Sensors

Ref.: SP-12-2019 Date: Nov.26th, 2019

One aspect of diesel and gas engines that has caused increasingly serious environmental concerns is the exhaust gases the engines emit from the use of the oxygen in the air. The main pollutants of the engine exhausts include Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), Carbon Oxide (CO), Total Hydro Carbons (THC), Ammonia (NH3), Particulate Matter (PM), and Particulate Numbers (PN), with NOx as the main hazardous pollutant.

Shentou has now developed a unique product solution of sensor series primarily for the monitoring of the intake and exhaust system, including:



MAP/MAF Sensor

  • √ Applicable temperature - 40 ~ 125  ° C

  • √ Key parts from German &  American suppliers

  • √ More than 500 models available  covering over 95% trucks & cars

  • √ One year warranty

Lambda Sensor

  • √ Same materials and production processes  as OE parts

  • √ More than 2000 models covering  over 95% total applications

  • √ One year warranty


  • √ With chips from companies such  as NTK and Denso

  • √ Same material and production  process as OE parts

  • √ More than 1200 models

  • √ One year warranty

NOx Sensor

  • √ More than 200 modes available  covering American & European vehicles, for both trucks & cars

  • √ With EMark certifications

  • √ Warranty period: 200,000 km, or  1 year after ship date

NOx Sensor Tester

  • √ Can test nearly 30 models of  1939 NOx Sensors, both online and offline

Urea Pump

  • √ Mostly available for American  but also for European cars currently

  • √ More ranges are under  development.

DOC, DPF & SCR Catalysts

  • √ Comply with Euro 4, 5 & 6  emission standards

  • √ Tested & certified by major  OEM in China

These are completely new products, with core parts
and components imported from Germany, the US
and Japan and manufactured with strict compliance
to international standards.

Special Values:
High-valued items;
Quick delivery with 15-day or shorter lead time;
Ideal with air shipment for faster turnaround!

Current Product Offer:
Mass Air Pressure (MAP) Sensor
Lambda / Oxygen Sensor
Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (EGTS)
Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor
NOx Sensor Tester
Urea Pump
DOC, DPF & SCR Catalysts


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