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Shentou Launched Quality Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

Shentou Launched Quality Variable Valve Timing Solenoid.
More than 120 models are available!
Application range cover:
Chevrolet; Buick; Oldsmobile; Hummer; GMC; SAAB; ISUZU; Nissan; Infiniti; Toyota; Lexus; Scion; BMW; VOLKSWAGEN; Audi; Hyundai; KIA; Mercedes-Benz; Jaguar, etc.
More models are available upon request!

Ref.: SP-18-2022 Date: Aug 30th, 2022

Quality Variable Valve Timing Solenoid

More than 120 models are available!

Application Chevrolet; Buick; Oldsmobile; Hummer; GMC; SAAB; ISUZU
OEM# 12615873; 12602516; 8126025160; 8126158730; 12568078

Application Nissan; Infiniti
OEM# 23796-8J100; 23796-EA21A; 23796-EA200; 23796-EA20A; 917-011; 23796-EG20A; right

Application Toyota; Lexus; Scion
OEM# 15330-28020; 917-020; TS1075

Application BMW
OEM# 11367585425; 11367516293; 917-241

Application VOLKSWAGEN; Audi
OEM# TS1066; 06F109257A; 06F109257C; 917-271

Application yundai; KIA
OEM# 24355-2G500; 918-025; TS1111; L53022

Application Mercedes-Benz
OEM# 2761560790; 2761560490

Application Jaguar
OEM# AJ84144; AJ810570; LRA1536BA; 1X43-6B297-AD

● Lead time: 30~45 days after order confirmation;

● Warranty: 12 months from on-board date;

● MOQ: 20 pcs per item ;

● Packing: Neutral package.


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