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Premium Starters & Alternators for ISKARA Platform

For Starters:

Mahle No.Iskra No.Ref. No.VoltagePowerTeeth
MS 320IS068511.130.685(MS320、IS0685)123.010
MS 435IS0729AZF4508 
   MAHLE 72736063     11131143     11131177
MS 439IS0730AZF4509                   11131236               11131144                 IS0730                     MS439          24411
MS 237IS074511.130.977  11.131.388(MS237、IS0745)244.010
MS 89IS0793AZF4521                 AZF4596                     IS0793                      MS89           11130762                11131374                12310
MS 89IS079311.130.793(RE505745)(MS89、IS0793)123.410
MS 175IS0836AZF4513                          AZF4190                    AZF4369                   IS0836                     MS175                      MS591         11130836                                     12311
MS 446IS0841AZF4514、AZF4286  AZF4514、11132066 11130841 
   MAHLE 72736074
   MAHLE MS446
MS 232IS0842AZF4515  
   IS0842       11130842
MS 369IS099311.130.993(MS369、IS0993)244.010
MS 138IS0999AZF4122  、AZF4135      AZF4143 、AZF4184        AZF4219 、AZF4263
   AZF4290 、AZF4291 AZF4355 、AZF4535
MS 25IS1016AZF4115        AZF4183         AZF4511        AZF453912310
MS 151IS102311.132.099(MS151、IS0499、IS1023)124.210
MS 293IS102711.131.789(MS293、IS1027)123.210
MS 137IS103311.130.736(MS137、IS1033)12 11
MS 486IS1056AZF4598       
MS 430IS105911.131.108[Superseded  unit, see available P/N IS1059 MS430]122.810
MS 94IS106311.130.794、11.131.092(RE509903)(MS94、IS1063)124.210
MS 110IS1070 
   AZF4562 、7273573 MS110 、7700067836     7700067836、11131191
MS 111IS107111.131.145(MS111) 124.210
MS 641IS107311.131.983(MS641、IS1073)123.29
MS 137IS107611.130.736(MS137、IS1033  IS1076)123.010
MS 101IS107711.131.839(MS101、IS1077)124.210
MS 96IS1088AZF4106       AZF4573        24410
MS 169IS109711.130.678(MS169、IS1097)244.010
MS 249IS1102AZF4554                  AZF4199                   IS1102                         MS249             11131150                11131775                 24410
MS 292IS110311.131.294,11.131.753,11.131.772,11.131.788,AZE4649,AZE4653,AZE4654,IS1103  MS292123.210
MS 84IS1105AZF4224、AZF4181  AZF4186、AZF4301 AZF457612311
MS 5IS1106AZF4211、AZF4267  AZF4225、AZF4338
MS 168IS110911.131.920(MS168)12 10
MS 165IS111711.132.302(MS165/IS1117)244.010
MS 242IS1140
   IS1140       11131359 
   MAHLE 72735870
   MAHLE MS242
MS 140IS114911.131.527(MS140、IS1149)122.09
MS 432IS115011.130.923(MS432 、IS1150)122.09
MS 258IS1155AZF4581        AZF4307       AZF4201                         IS1155                             MS 258          11131316                 245.510
MS 416IS1157AZF4570      72736044     11131237
   MAHLE 72736044
   MAHLE MS416
MS 291IS1158AZF4146、11131376  MAHLE 72735919
   MAHLE MS291
MS 24IS118911.131.921(MS24、IS1189)123.210
MS 400IS119311.131.488(MS400、IS1193)124.210
MS 289IS1195AZE4151、AZE4172  AZE4199、AZE4207 AZE4219、AZE4276 11132344、IS1195 123.210
MS 399IS1201AZE4150、AZE4170  AZE4173、AZE4175 AZE4197、AZE4201 AZE4215、AZE4220 11132036、IS1201 123.210
MS 255IS123211.131.524(MS255/IS1232)244.09
MS 68IS1236AZF4156                  AZF4230                  IS1236                         MS68              11131607               11131863                 2449
MS 67IS1237
   MAHLE 72735695
MS 69IS123911.131.864(MS69)12 9
MS 65IS125411.131.769(MS65、IS1254)12 9
MS 66IS1255                AZF4198、AZF4161  AZF4195、AZF4311                  AZF4133、11131514                 11131755                           MS66                           IS1255   2449
MS 79IS126211.131.604(MS79、IS1262)124.29
MS 226IS1289AZF4318、AZF4308  AZF4269、AZF4245
   AZF4164、AZF4196 AZF4206、AZF4208 AZF4248、11132164                       IS1289                    MS226
MS 170IS131511.132.010(MS170、IS1315)123.210
MS 26IS1325AZF4653                  AZF4674                   VG1560090001                 11131564                    11131717                 11132090                    11132264
MS 202IS132811.131.821(MS202/IS1328)123.210
MS 214IS1344AZF4327、AZF4588  24411
MS 640IS136211.131.915(MS640/IS1362)123.210
MS 654IS137411.132.36824 10
MS 653IS137511.132.009(MS653、IS1375)124.010
MS 395IS137811.132.159(MS395、IS1378)12 10
MS 658IS138011.132.058(MS658、IS1380)123.29
MS 18IS138311.132.153(MS18/IS1383)123.210
MS 394IS138811.132.155(MS394/IS1388)123.210

For Alternators

Mahle  No.Iskra No.TypeDescription
MG 123IA0037AAG1104Generator 14V 33A
MG 372IA0067AAG1111Generator 14V 34A
MG 462IA0095AAG1310Generator 14V 33A
MG 124IA0096AAG1311Generator 14V 33A
MG 628IA0215AAK4619Generator 14V 65A
MG 626IA0226AAK4620Generator 14V 65A
MG 110IA0276AAK4118Generator 14V 65A
MG 111IA0292AAK2301Generator 14V 60A
MG 521IA0329AAK4155Generator 14V 65A
MG 191IA0336AAK4162Generator 14V 55A
MG 215IA0453AAK3328Generator 14V 55A
MG 515IA0463AAK3562Generator 14V 65A
MG 176IA0470AAK4893Generator 14V 65A
MG 607IA0484AAK2302Generator 14V 80A
MG 604IA0499AAK4351Generator 14V 65A
MG 195IA0500AAG1338Generator 14V 33A
MG 517IA0507AAG1341Generator 14V 33A
MG 478IA0513AAK4821Generator 14V 65A
MG 277IA0592AAK3329Generator 14V 70A
MG 279IA0595AAK3330Generator 14V 65A
MG 353IA0666AAK5114Generator 14V 85A
MG 177IA0675AAK5850Generator 14V 95A
MG 86IA0717AAK1373Generator 14V 65A
MG 435IA0738AAK5125Generator 14V 95A
MG 438IA0784AAG1343Generator 14V 33A
MG 212IA0810AAK4598Generator 14V 70A
MG 13IA0875AAK5165Generator 14V 95A
MG 178IA0925AAK5851Generator 14V 120A
MG 308IA0970AAK5562Generator 14V 120A
MG 251IA0989AAK5197Generator 14V 95A
MG 15IA1018AAK5326Generator 14V 100A  PVx6
MG 246IA1019AAK5354Generator 14V 100A  PVx8
MG 404IA1020AAK5355Generator 14V 120A  PVx8
MG 344IA1023AAK5567Generator 14V 95A
MG 329IA1052AAK5391Generator 14V 90A
MG 209IA1078AAK4349GENERATOR 14V 55A
MG 314IA1081AAK4320Generator 14V 95A
MG 4IA1095AAN5311Generator 14V 120A
MG 52IA1117AAN8166Generator 14V 150A
MG 597IA1153AAK4322Generator 14V 120A
MG 313IA1154AAK4321Generator 14V 120A
MG 29IA1215AAN5346Generator 14V 200A
MG 286IA1224AAK5759Generator 14V 120A  PVx8
MG 233IA1348AAK4307Generator 14V 95A
MG 264IA1541AAK5842Generator 14V 95A
MG 467IA1545AAN5869Generator 14V 150A

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