Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor

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Shentou launched the product of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Sensor in 2019, and has been since supplying to customers in Europe and America in volumes with proven quality and very competitive prices.

Product Name:



For vehicle:





NOx Sensor

European, American, Japanese


Trucks & passenger cars

200,000 KM or 1 year after shipment, whichever comes first.

Emark, CE

New (NOT remanufactured)

Private label / Neutral / OE Parts®

Unique Features:

√    OE quality

√    Highest data compatibility with vehicle ECU

√    Wider range with largest coverage

√    Worry-free after-sale services guaranteed

√    High-valued items

√    Faster turnaround time with air-shipment

Available Models: 

    NOx Sensors for European Trucks  (Click to view the complete range)

    NOx Sensors for Japanese Trucks  (Click to view the complete range)

    NOx Sensors for European passenger cars  (Click to view the complete range)

Quality Control of NOx Sensor:

The control of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), one of the main hazardous exhaust gases from diesel engines, has always been a challenge in emission compliance especially for commercial vehicles.

Nitrogen oxygen sensor (NOx Sensor) is mainly used to measure the concentration of NOx in automobile exhaust, providing the basis for the injection quantity of urea solution in the SCR after-treatment system, so that the NOx content in the automobile exhaust gas can meet the emission standards.

Shentou implements strict QA & QC on all of factories we work with & products we carry.

We are engineering and quality driven!

Primary failure mode:

1.Probe breakdown: primarily due to ceramic cracking caused by manufacturing defects or water interaction with high temperature;

2.Control unit damage: the electronic components are damaged with electricity or voltage overload, or the control unit seal is broken.

Key QC inspection points:

1.  Chip stress relief process

2.  Stability & consistence testing with semi-finished parts

3.  Sufficient power-on hours of the assembled products

NOx Sensor Tester:

To accompany with NOx Sensor, Shentou is also carrying our new product Can Bus Tester for checking the NOx Sensor.

This product is designed to test if the NOx Sensor is in normal working condition in air. Just connect the device with the NOx Sensor and press the button, you can see whether the NOx Sensor is working.

Click here to watch the video of the product demonstration on YouTube.

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About US

Shentou is a China-based leading supplier of automotive spare parts, vehicle electronics & accessories, as well as power generation parts and equipment, and off-road machinery and parts.

For over 20 years, Shentou has been providing tailor-made, one-stop supply chain solutions to both OEM and aftermarket clients worldwide.

Product Portfolio:

Heavy-duty & passenger car parts, electronics, accessories, PPE


European, America, Korean, Japanese.

Customer bases:

Europe, America & Middle East


Aftermarket, OEM

Our History

Shentou has participated in the development of China's automotive industry over several decades.

Assisted in the setup of the production facilities and supplier basis for VW in China;

Contributed to the localization of Cummins and Deutz engines in China;

Helped the transfer of German quality and expertise to China’s automotive business;

Helped align western quality standards like DIN with Chinese GB standards;

Assisted in precisely matching China local made materials to DIN-standards.

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